This is turning into a Dark Knight-esque saga!

Perennial pest douche #4  [more information here] has decided to hassle the Divine Mistress Kalyss and I again, perhaps not realising by now that We know all about him and his little douchey ways.

Note – Mistresses do share information. Which subs are amazing, which sessions are fun, and also which people are to be avoided at all costs. Those of you that are amazing, dedicated, polite and fun, We laud you. If you are rude, no-show or constantly cancel your sessions; send multiple emails, texts or call repeatedly; try to bargain or fail to pay properly; I want you to know that We know. We all know.

O Mistress,
Tonight, is my last night in Australia… before 6 month.
I`ll be back in October and certainly would like to be doing something exceptional with you !
I regret tenderly that you did not accept my invitation earlier at the Opera House and dining
that evening would have been magic…
If you feel like attaching me tonight in order to question me about your desire
you may stil order 0450 xxx xxx
It will always be my pleasure to serve you
and to be your`s when ever you need it.
Sl. Yan x x x

You can read the rest of the saga, complete with Mistress Kalyss Mercury and I on Twitter by logging in below.


And the fun didn’t stop there!

The text message must’ve worked, kind of…I got an email apology, laced with a threat to get back in contact on douche’s return from his overseas jaunt… I’m just shivering shuddering in anticipation.

Sorry Mistress Penelope if I hurt you,
I only want to know what are your real needs in order to give you satsfaction I still want to organize something nice and exciting mainly for you so have to give me directions.
I`m looking forward looking into your eyes begging for Mercy !
You may try to control me from a distance if you feel like doing it…
I really hope we can meet one another sooner than later.
Honestly trying to be nice to you then.
I`ll be back to serve you
Your slave Yan

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