We do like our super slippery shiny schlicking goodness here in Sydney, home of the Rubber Bastard Association.

Last weekend was the first of the Rubber Bastard parties of the year. For those unfamiliar with the story, the dress code is: No Rubber, No Bastard. Regardless of the ticket that you’ve purchased, if your outfit is less than 50% latex goodness, thou shall not pass through the hallowed gates!

Lucky for the lovely ladies that I take with Me, I have latex enough for all (though I pity the next couple that get in to his cab, they’ll be sliding all over the place!). The delightful Noir (burlesque dancer delight) accompanied Me to the latest function, and we were lucky enough to be snapped by Rubber Bastard’s resident photographer Soul Focus Studio.

I also got caught with the Divine Mistress Kalyss Mercury, just couldn’t help Myself really! A saint I am not, to resist Her temptations 😀


And a sneaky extra nun shot, because it really is an awesome outfit and I love it! Thanks again to the lovely sub that bought it for Me, indulging both of our traditional religious fetishes at the same time!


Come here pet, resistance is futile

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