It has been a while since I received an email that was worthy of a truly douche-y title but I think that this conversation from really takes the cake.

Names have been removed to preserve the anonymity of the guilty.

How are you? Im xxxx new to this site and love it. Havnt downloaded pics yet still tryin to get my head around how to do it. Its givin me a bit of a run around but im a goodlooking fit guy as you will see soon. Well its nice to meet you and im very interested in a session with you. I would like to know is it ok to send you a request? Im into bdsm love being dominated and treated like a little slut. I like rimming oil bein forced humiliation light anal licking pussyand roll play teasing and much more. With intense orgams at the end for both. So if your interested that would be great hope i can get some pics up soon. If you want im more than happy to txt pictures by phone in the mean time. Thanks for readin my msg take care talk soon x

Hi xxxx,

Please work on your spelling and grammar. Reading such garbled messages really does give Me a headache.
If you are interested in a professional session, it is best to read through My website thoroughly and then contact Me through there.

Kind Regards,
Mistress Penelope


Hi. Firstly so very sorry about the late reply,lifes been extremly bust the last couple of weeks. Secondly thanks for tje heads up aboutmy spelling the last thing i want is for you to read garbage and get a headace. Thirdly while i practice my grammar i hope you take the time to go fuck your self you rude wilderbeast. Who do you think you are?? Really what are you the grammar girl of fetlife. I writing from a mobile phone you wanker so its a little tricky. And with a head like yours it should ace. Take care xxoo


Hi xxxx,
I too am writing from a mobile and yes it does take a little extra care to make sure that everything is correct. But so does inserting a 12″ stainless steel sound down a man’s urethra while I have him suspended by his ankles.
It’s about presentation and competency. If you can’t be arsed checking your messages to ensure that you make a favourable impression on someone that you are trying to negotiate play with and then arc up and use volatile language when your carelessness is addressed, then you’re not someone that I want to play with.
Mistress Penelope

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