That’s right, gay christmas is here again!

My favourite time of year is upon us, with all of the glitter and naked, sweaty flesh you can wish for in any holiday.

I am busy with rehearsals several evenings a week at the moment so don’t get too upset if I’m not available or responding super-promptly to emails. This year I’m on a Cher float as a sailor (cue seamen jokes and inappropriate thrusting) along with My favourite partner in crime Dominant Saleme and a fabulous crew of queer and queer-friendly boys and girls.

We’re going to look AMAZING!

If you’re in Sydney on the first weekend of March, I expect you to be lining to parade route and screaming your support. If you can’t make it, send us some good vibes from your lounge room. If you’d like to be involved somehow, Mistress is shopping for Her sailor outfit on Saturday morning at Paddy’s Markets, you can tag along and help Me pick out which pair of booty shorts will grace My ass 😀

x Mistress Penelope

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