This douche is a long-running one-sided conversation that had actually been mercifully silent until recently.
I’m fairly sure that he has never read My website, never read My blog and probably never considered My (one and only) response.

19 December 2011

O Mistress,I want to be your Christmas present…
In captivity for a while !
The time you`ll appreciate.
Serving You

*** x

30 December 2011

Dear Yan,

Thank you for your Christmas wishes.
If you’d like to present your hide for a day of captivity you can expect to be worked until your fingers are raw and your shoulders ache and put into bondage and ignored during your “breaks” or when Mistress has company.
Any disobedience will be punished with a cheek-searing flogging and impertinence will earn you an ear-ringing slap and you shall be gagged.

Seasons beatings and all the best for the new year.
Mistress Penelope

The conversation continues here!

30 December 2011

O Sublime Mistress,

I really appreciate your severe answer, and I feel like a lot could come from You & I, your Majesty.

Before any other propositions, may I ask you if you have something organized for tomorrow…

I`ll be in Byron Bay and I want to invite you if available !

I have an apartment not very far from there.

We dine and you dispose….

I understand this could be a crazy proposition, but I hate the routine.

Slavoury your`s

M *** x0

1 January 2012

O Sublime Mistress,
After your Xmas present (Myself)
You will find here attached your NYE present for a very Dominating 2012 !
May I introduce : `Gold` my Sub. female who will come from Europe in Oz in FEB. and MAR. in order to serve me…
and You if you accept, Madame.
I suggest that during her stay, `Gold` should spend several days with you from time to time,
when you feel like having her, in order to serve You and your guests, Mistress.
If you come to use some of her `docility` for visitors, would you be happy to fix her services and to take half of it for yourself.
I know that you`re taking that proposition very seriously, Myself, a Dom as well obviously, is also willing to explore in certain circumstances the feel of being captured… by some exceptional Person : You.
In order to prepare Gold`s visit and meet one another, I was nicely proposing you to be at your own will during my next stay
which could be from Fri. am to Mon. pm coz I`m quite comfortable with my time at the moment.
I really hope that you will appreciate the comittment in order to serve You and to satisfy You, O Mistress.

 Your respectfully,

Master *** x

PS ; when you`ll feel confident with me you will be more than welcome to visit here near Byron Bay 🙂

6 January 2012

O Mistress,

My proposition is an honest and I hope original suggestion.

I`m organizing myself to arrive by bus next Wed. early am,

so I`ll have plenty of time to think of You 😉 during the night trip.

If You`re are willing I`ll be present immediatly at your door step to be under `arrest`

after 12 h my invitation was to take you out for dinner…

and If you feel like it, afterwards keep me for another 12 h… at your own will.

So you will have plenty of time to ask me all the questions you might have

especially about the visit of my Sub `Gold` in Feb. March.

For your only pleasure

Master *** X


9 January 2012

O Mistress,

Please, I`ll be in Sydney for a week arriving Wed.

Let me know by text or mess. if you`re interrested to have me soon 😉

M. *** x

*number removed*

13 January 2012

be attached now for your pleasur and for free *number removed*

19 January 2012

Nice athletic looking slave available all week in Sydney for crazy sofisticated women Yan x *number removed*

20 November 2012

Sweet dreams Ma Dame 🙂

5 December 2012

Would you like to organize a kidnapping for me in Sydney tonight

with one of your friends…

You have my phone 
I obei text until being kept prisonner
To serve you
6 December 2012

I want to be working with you at your disposition
Is such a property appealing to you in order to receive your guests 
and having me for service… 

Back on Tuesday 11th, please ask me to be kept by your own 
for a severe  interrogation about my capacity to be your’s. 

I can provide half of the expense for you to be comfortable in a place like this :
…and work for you for the other half. 

Be *


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