This is the second communique in what is sure to be a short-lived and unsatisfied email exchange and it was just so sterling that I’ve put it up within hours of receiving it Myself.

Which brings Me around to the subject of etiquette. There is no etiquette page on this site. I figured that you are all adults capable of navigating basic social situations and don’t require a page that tells you that I expect to be treated with respect in correspondence. For the most part, this is the case. And for the remainder, I don’t think that they’d be the type to read that page anyway.

But one thing you should all know is that it is never, ever, appropriate to send Mistress a shopping list of demands. By all means, list your interests and passions, tell Me what you’d like to explore and what your limits are.

If you send Me a goddamn checklist, I will shove it up your arse and then make you eat your shit-stained scraps of paper.

Consider shopping lists of demands a hard limit of Mine.

On 27.11.2012 19:40, D***** R wrote:

Thanks, It will be light session

I would like to cover these things in my session

  • Tie me with dog collar around my neck before our session
  • Foot Worship includes toes sucking and licking feet
  • Legs Worship includes licking legs all over the place
  • Put your feet on my head while cleaning your other shoes. May I request if you can place few other shoes in that area. Also May I know if shoes will be clean enough
  • Shoes Worship includes cleaning and sucking high heels (May I request if you can wear high heels showing yours feet and toes. No boots please)
  • Slapping and Spitting on me occasionally
  • Verbal humiliations calling me dog slave etc (May I request if you can include and suggest few other ways to humiliate)
  • Use abusive language occasionally
  • Dog collar around my neck and pulling me
  • You should always be strict with me. If I do any mistake you should give me punishment. May I request the punishment you are going to give it to me
  • Eating food from your feet and shoes (May I request if you can crush the food from your shoes and feet You can use biscuits and some kind of fruit)
  • Ask me to act like a Dog and I should walk on my four
  • Worship your feet and shoes while you are walking and teasing me occasionally and not allow me to touch and worship your feet
  • Throw your shoes and ask me to fetch
  • May I request to wear tight skirts above knees. No leather please. May I look the dress and shoes you are going to wear before our session
  • May I know if you have painted your toes? Can they be red?

You can have the session with your own way but please cover all the above things and if you can include additional things that will be greate

Now please confirm if session will be held at dungeon or at private place. I would like to have my session at private place preferably in the living room

Also Is your home near to station? If I need to drive, please let me know about the parking

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