This “week’s” Douche was a twitter contributor with possibly the daftest conversation I’ve had in a while.

While I love what a marvellous world the Internet has opened up for kinksters all over the world, it really does reinforce the idea that some people just don’t deserve a keyboard licence. Incidentally, do all keyboard wankers subscribe to the same syntax training? It reminds reminds Me a lot of the last douche, and if they’re the same person, they’re going to a lot of effort.


@mz_penelope Hi Penelope,how are u today

@BdsmGrey quite well thank you and yourself?

@mz_penelope I am well thank you,hope u can help me with my needs

@BdsmGrey perhaps I can, what are your needs?

@mz_penelope i would like u to allow me to tie u up and watch u and give u little pleasures,bit by bit

@BdsmGrey at what point did it occur to you that this idea would be welcome? I’m a Mistress, not a switch, not a sub. Find someone else.

@mz_penelope well mistress we could still be nice to each other

@BdsmGrey I’m being polite, you’re being presumptuous.

@mz_penelope plea se forgive me,i love your website.u are very attractive mistress

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