I’m going to have to make this post a weekly occurrence. Tuesdays at 2 sounds about right.

I routinely receive emails that give Me grave concern over the future of humanity. Anyone acquainted with Me knows how pedantic I can be about spelling, grammar and punctuation and poorly edited prose often results in conniptions. I hope you experience as much fun/blatant horror when reading these as I do when I receive them.

If you’re an author of one of these monstrosities and would like it taken down, ask Me nicely. There may be a fine or not, it really depends on the initial content, how well you apologise and how nicely you ask. If you harangue Me, I will post your email address and any other pertinent details I have to hand. It’s not nice to be rude.

Received Friday 26 October 2012

i have tryed alot of mistresses over the last year and most if not all are total crap…simply thing i ask and they seem to have a huge problem with doing it.,just want a mistress to control my bank account.

i have changed my bank card 32 times and the mistresses have either blocked it or made the bank block it…also the mistresses also think its a joke , its not a joke but i guess you have to trust someone sometime.

online banking said to one mistress that be very careful entering the username and password and dont try more than 3 times,and one mistress after 38 trys she message me and says the account is fake and now blocked.

so am now looking for a good mistress, doesnt need to be anything special..aslong as she can enter unsernames and passwords good…that is all that is required

thank you for your time

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