The last week feels like it has just flown by. And when I say week, what I mean is month, or possibly year…

I spent the last weekend in Brisbane and had a wonderful time enjoying the balmy spring sunshine, the company of My delightful hosts, catching up with old friends, making new ones, and of course a few excellent sessions. A huge Thank You to Mistress Kalyss and Her friends and partners, both for looking after Me so well, and for letting Me play in Their space.

Saturday was spent settling in, waking up (arrived 7:05am, not My cheeriest time of day), and a lovely meeting with a potential new sub to discuss possibilities of scenes involving he, his lovely lady wife and their submissive in the not too distant future. I really do enjoy planning out long-term scenarios and goals with subs, it’s such delicious fun plotting the approach. Half the pleasure is in the anticipation after all!

Sunday started the right way, an early morning session with a strap-on size queen slut. I do love a good pegging in the morning, it always puts Me in such a good mood! I actually had penis envy, his cocks were bigger than Mine…must be time for more toys! 😀 We didn’t quite get to the largest of the selection, next time we’ll allow a bit more time and work right up into getting those pelvic muscles beautifully relaxed.

Next on the agenda was an outcall to visit slave p – the p stands for personal toilet.

A full toilet session requires a bit of preparation and a very good working knowledge of your own body and habits. For example, I am a morning person and so the likelihood of a full toilet session after 2pm is very slim. For this particular session I had prepared with a delicious spiced Indian curry the night before, and several days of herbal teas. Why herbal tea? Because some flavors pass through your body. Pepper is one, vanilla is another. I have also had some very interesting feedback on raspberry/rosehip teas, apparently it imparts a dry and refreshing flavour without being sweet or “washed out”.

We’ve been working our way up and through this session for about a year now and I was ready to really push slave p both with the humiliation session leading up to consumption and with the piéce de resistance. He’d also bought a lovely bottle of champagne for us/Me (let’s face it, he was about to get his own glorious fill of a very special vintage). The session was fabulous fun and in no time slave p was in a perfect space. Polishing My latex dress with his face had him dribbling all over the floor in excitement, which he cleaned up with his mouth under strict direction while I flogged then filled his glowing ass, creating another puddle in the process. Oh dear!

My bladder near bursting, I filled his mouth several times over, drowned his wretched twitching cock, refilled his wine glass to the brim and still there was more…perhaps next time I shall have to prepare a small bucket and just water board him. We can roleplay a recent human rights violation and film it for added authenticity 🙂

The final stage of the session arrived and with My ass inches from his face I released just a taste, the merest morsel, onto a plate resting on his chest. I taunted him with it, painting his lips and making him kiss it, worship what he was about to consume. Mouth held wide, he took in all that I passed and held it like a good slave, shuddering through his orgasm and thanking Mistress before running to the bathroom and the cleansing of the shower.

I did manage to squeeze in a catch-up with a friend at Lady Lamingtons, delicious food, prompt service and highly recommended creme brulee – before rushing to rearrange My suitcase and shuffle back to the airport and jet back to Sydney. Sitting in the airport lounge I was chuckling, it had been a lovely day and another weekend too soon over.

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