I occasionally receive prayers in My email. Some from subs that I’ve met, and some from complete strangers.

I know that they might be forwarding them to every Mistress under the sun, but it still tickles Me pink to receive a humbly devoted Psalm. It must be a lingering stain of My Catholic schooling.

What a lovely thought. Thank you hw.

Here is a recent effort


Dear Goddess,

 i kneel down in fear and awe to worship You. 

You truly are a Deity, superior to mortals in every way.

 You come from the Heavens to rule and be worshipped.

It is my place in Your universe to worship You.


And one of the past prayers as well.


Dear Goddess,

i look at You and i know that  my place is on my knees.

You are superior to me in ways that i cannot evern know or understand.

 As a Divine Being, You look down on me from a terribly high place.

i am grateful to worship You.

You are Divinely Generous to allow my worship.

 Thank You Goddess,


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