London DVS Kink Lab Sunday 12 Nov 2017

Next Sunday 12 November, I will be teaching two classes at the DVS Kink Lab, held at The Flying Dutchman in Camberwell, London. There will be a range of workshops held, suitable for newcomers and augmenting intermediate skill sets. I am truly excited to be one of the...

June Availability

I have arrived safely back in Sydney with My feet firmly on the ground, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss the incredible people that made My trip to the US as delectable and juicy as it was. Expect photos from events to be trickling through My...

1 week to go!!

I’m quite excited really.There’s only one week to go until 1) My birthday, and 2) an eagerly anticipated Urban Tantra workshop with international Sex Educator Barbara Carrellas and a fabulous bevvy of Mistresses from around Australia, including the lovely...

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