Better than mistletoe – I can smell leather!

The silly season is upon us once again! Many of you (like Me) are probably still running around the office doing the “headless chicken” routine to polish off projects that you don’t want to see again next year. Some of you will be out of town, on...

Mistress’s Latest Fetish

I love pornographic jewellery. Not the stuff that says “slut” or comes with a dusting of diamantes. Not hoop earrings or belly chains. I love good old honest-to-goodness graphic nudity pornographic jewellery. To be honest it’s not My latest fetish...

Financial Domination

Misunderstood, misrepresented and righteously lambasted by Dominants and submissives alike, financial domination occupies a very sensitive sphere in modern kink. A good many kinksters refuse to recognise its legitimacy as a fetish – a bit silly really given that...

Come here pet, resistance is futile

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