Spring brings forth the perverts!

Back at My desk after an incredible (and as always far too FAST!) weekend in Melbourne and I feel comfortable in the knowledge that Spring has finally sprung and that the warmer weather is helping little ideas and desires that lay dormant over winter to germinate,...

Psychology of Addiction

Have you ever felt helpless? Frustrated? Angry? Does your job/boss/coworker/commute give you the shits? Some days, is it all just too hard? Would you like someone to take over ? Would you like to surrender your responsibility? Would you like to indulge in a moment...

Mistress’s Latest Fetish

I love pornographic jewellery. Not the stuff that says “slut” or comes with a dusting of diamantes. Not hoop earrings or belly chains. I love good old honest-to-goodness graphic nudity pornographic jewellery. To be honest it’s not My latest fetish...

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