Tour Diary: Los Angeles, USA 9-17 May 2018

I will have availability for select sessions while I am in Los Angeles attending DomCon. During DomCon 9-13 May select sessions are available within the hotel as outcall to *your* hotel room. My hotel room is not available for incall purposes. I will be available for...

Guest of Honor at DomCon LA 15th Anniversay

I have been invited to attend the 15th anniversary of DomCon in Los Angeles as a Guest of Honor, joining fellow Australian Mistress Servalan, My Sister in Sin Goddess Cleo, and the almost-too-good-to-beat Cupcake SinClair (but definitely good enough to beat properly!)...

2017 Tour Dates…so far

Time is a slippery thing – every time I reach to grasp it, I could swear it slips through My fingers as easily as a bottle of silicone lube when your hands are already covered in it. You know what I mean. I have finally managed to nail it down though, and...

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