Personal Service

From time to time the opportunity to serve Me personally becomes available…

For the most part, the goals of these roles are centred around addressing My needs, enriching My life and providing for the best use of My time. These roles are an ideal fit for someone that desires a deeper experience of ongoing D/s dynamic in a lifestyle context.

Please note, service is its own reward. You are not able to trade service for sessions and I am not interested in barter.

If you would like to explore your own fantasies in a domestic setting or alongside personal service, I encourage you to book a session.

Positions currently available

Crash Test Dummy - Sydney, NSW

I love learning new skills, finessing existing ones and finding exciting intersections in My practice. I require a reliable body to practice upon. The position of crash test dummy is best suited to a patient masochist that is comfortable with marks.

Expect caning, flogging, some bondage, tailed instruments, electrics and sharps. The ideal volunteer is an excellent communicator, confident in discussing your limits and boundaries, and excited about new kink experiences.

Bondage Bunny - Sydney, NSW

Now that My ropes have been replaced (!!!) I am dead keen to get back into playing with them.

Be warned, I do not practice strict shibari or kinbaku. I will not tie a TK. Many of My ties don’t have fancy names. My preference leans more towards predicament bondage, I tie to play or to create a sensation but not to make it look pretty. Not all practice will be done one-on-one and you will be expected to be comfortable attending peer gatherings for social rope.

You have good physical health and some degree of flexibility. You know your body well and be able to communicate on how it is feeling. You enjoy exploring bondage. You are comfortable in private group environments of mixed company.

Chamberlain / Maid - Sydney, NSW

The role of Chamberlain is charged with the responsibility of managing My quarters. It is a position of esteem and trust. It is best suited to an individual that takes pride and pleasure from precise work done well.

At a basic level, this includes insuring that an acceptable level of cleanliness is maintained in My abode, that My wardrobe is well-managed (i.e. latex and leather are conditioned, hosiery checked and folded, suits dry-cleaned, shoes polished/conditioned), that My equipment is in excellent repair.

At an advanced level, this will include working with other pets (such as communicating with My chauffeur to arrange My transport needs), serving Myself and any companions at private functions.

I am a macro-manager. This position would best suit someone who takes pleasure and more than a bit of pride in their ability to organise, orchestrate, and anticipate. While a vehicle is not necessary, you may find it makes your life easier.

Chauffeur - multiple locations

The position of chauffeur is available in each city that I visit.

Your duties include arranging transport for Myself and any companions, either as a personal driver or by proxy (i.e. Uber, Lyft, Gett) at times when you are not available in person. Routes are often to/from airports and accommodation, events that I am attending, or venues that I am working from.

Research Pet - any location

I require a pet to complete research tasks on a weekly basis.

Computer literacy is essential, as is Internet access. Familiarity with Evernote is a plus, but if you are adaptable you will be able to pick it up quickly. Time-management is an essential skill as you will be working to a deadline.

The role is suitable for those with little BDSM experience and ideal for those that would like to learn more about different facets of sexuality, BDSM, and female led relationships. This role is open to any applicant regardless of location.

Bonus points

  • Experience with myofascial massage, cooking/cocktails, reflexology or pedicures will be considered favourably.
  • References are not required but are preferred and will be contacted, so be sure to check with them before you provide details.
  • Probation periods will apply to make sure that we’re a good fit.

There are dozens of things that you could do to make My life a little easier. If you have an idea that isn’t on this page, email Me

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