Tour Diary: Brisbane 4-9 June 2015

I had a marvellous week in Perth with My pets and playthings. So many exciting sessions, reconnecting with familiar faces and corrupting some newcomers, not to mention a most perverted evening with My girlfriends abusing a group toilet! Nothing says bonding like one...

Social Spring

If, like Me, the rising weather leaves you with a desire to get outside & get active, you should pop on down to one of the following events where you can meet Me – as well as a range of other fabulous people – in a laid-back friendly environment....


The last week feels like it has just flown by. And when I say week, what I mean is month, or possibly year… I spent the last weekend in Brisbane and had a wonderful time enjoying the balmy spring sunshine, the company of My delightful hosts, catching up with old...

Come here pet, resistance is futile

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