Domina Parties in Brisbane 22 April 2018

15 Apr 2018 | News, Tour Dates

Brisbane! It’s finally your turn!

To celebrate we’re going to put things in you, on you and up you from every possible direction.

Strap-on and Forced Bi 2pm-5pm ~ Book your tickets

This party is a great place to be guided and entranced by the strap-on of a Domina. Perhaps you’ll be gently seduced into being taken advantage of, or maybe you’ll be taken at will and ordered into all sorts of humiliating positions.
Whichever way it plays out, get ready to party “hard” with a select few other naughty boys who will learn how to suck and do a variety of other activities to amuse the Dominatrices.

Obey 6pm-9pm ~ Book your tickets

Obey, or find out what happens if you dare to invoke the ire of a room of powerful women.
Obey is strictly Domina’s Choice – the Mistresses will nominate the play that they feel like engaging in, and volunteers will be required from the attendees. This is a chance to experience the thrill of play outside your control, to submit to the desires and amusement of a group of passionate and dedicated women in a supportive and safe environment. It is also a chance to see other people enjoying themselves in their play.

For the thirsty sluts and insatiable perverts among you, the opportunity is available to purchase tickets to both parties for a reduced rate. Email for the discount code.

Come here pet, resistance is futile

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